Using an attic space

This is a typical example of the kind of work which we undertake.

Sue and Bill from Tonbridge, contacted B J Shelving regarding a potential shelving arrangement in their attic and a visit was arranged for a short time after.
Their problem was trying to get the best use of their attic space to meet their storage needs. They needed to make sure that any potential arrangement would be able to accommodate a vast array of books, CD’s, videos and paperwork as well as being able to encompass a desk area.

This was no easy task due to the layout of the room and the different angles and heights of the ceiling.

Here are some pictures of the attic space before we started work.

We spent time with them discussing various options and ideas. After about half an hour we had an understanding of all their specific requirements and how to make the best use of the available space whilst making sure all of the criteria had been met.
We then produced a sketch highlighting the available measurements to make sure all of the storage needs had been fulfilled.
We then went through the sketch together to make sure all the requirements had been met and that there were no outstanding issues. Once the design was complete a finish was chosen from the samples that we carry, and a convenient fitting date was agreed.

The entire installation work was carried out in a day.

Here are some pictures of the finished installation.

As you can see, Sue and Bill now have a fitted area with a combination of shelving of various depths, a sitting area with cupboards, drawers, pull-out shelves for the keyboard. Two file drawers and a small tea trolley which can be used anywhere.

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