Too many books?

 bookshelvesThe trouble with books is that you never want to part company with them. There are some books which are so memorable that they occupy a special place in your life and just looking at the cover can evoke all kinds of feelings and emotions. Even those books which are almost instantly forgettable are difficult to get rid of.

 The result of all this is of course, a house which gradually gets taken over by books. No doubt you have bought a few bookcases over the years but they soon get full up and so you buy another. But the problem is the bookcases don’t match, they are different styles and so on and pretty soon your house is looking untidy.

And then your books start to occupy spaces where books were never meant to be, in cupboards, stacked on the floor, in fact it can seem that they are occupying almost every last bit of available space in your house.

 There is the additional problem that all books are not the same size. How infuriating is that when you are trying to put them in a bookcase? Some are taller than others, some are wider that others, some are thicker than others. Inevitably these piles of odd-sized books start to become a real problem and provide all the fuel needed to start arguments; you know the kind of thing  “when are you going to do something about these books?”

 But still you can’t stop yourself from buying more books – it is becoming a nightmare!

However, don’t despair help is at hand.

 More and more book lovers are realising that it is not as expensive as they thought to build a library at home with elegant made to measure bookcases. These can be made to fit almost any space including awkward corners, sloping roofs and so on and will make all your favourite books accessible at any time without making your living room or study look untidy.

 Made to measure bookcases need not cost the earth. BJ Shelving have lots of experience In designing bookcases and all at really affordable prices.

 So, if you have a book habit that seems to be taking over your house, do yourself a favour and give serious consideration to having some made to measure bookcases installed in your house. You won’t regret it.




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