Space – The Final Frontier.

space shipAt BJ Shelving, we may not be the greatest fans of Star Trek but we do know a thing or two about space, and how best to use it.
We are always on the lookout of course to improve our knowledge in this area, and two recent experiences have been very illuminating.

 A recent article in a magazine concerned life in prison. It was written by an inmate serving a life sentence. He related how he spent his entire life in a space which is probably less than most of us enjoy in our bathroom. In this tiny area he eats, sleeps, and lives. It is, and I quote – “my bedroom, my study, my music room, my dining room, my gym – and its even my garden”.
He has been there so long that he now cannot understand why people on the outside need so much space.

 The second experience concerns a Shepherd’s Hut. We know some people who have bought one of these contraptions. It is best described I guess, as an upmarket shed – on wheels. However this particular shed is fitted with all mod cons, and all in a very small space. A bit more than a prison cell admittedly but pretty small nevertheless.
It contains a bed, a shower and toilet, a kitchen area including sink, and storage areas for clothes, books, etc. As far as use of space goes, it is a triumph.

 It just goes to show that very often when we bemoan the lack of space in our homes it is often about how we use the space rather than its absence.

 Many of our clients fall into one of two categories: many feel that they just have too much stuff and don’t know what to do with it; others are trying to find additional space, for example in their attic or loft which they can use for storage or an additional living area.

 Our experience in making made to measure shelving will help you make the most of your available space. We enjoy the challenge of providing you with an affordable to solution to your storage problems.

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